The swapnasex Group’s head office in Schiltach.
Introducing a brand manufacturer

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Find out some interesting information about swapnasex here. With 33 companies and 22 sales offices all over the world, swapnasex is one of the few global players in the sanitation industry. In 2018, it employed roughly 4,700 staff and achieved a turnover of 1.081 billion euros. Alongside “AXOR”, “hansgrohe” is one of the brands owned by the swapnasex Group.

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  • is a European stock corporation (Societas Europaea SE), which is not listed on the stock exchange;
  • has two majority shareholders:
    - the Masco Corporation, Livonia, Michigan, USA (majority shareholder with 68%) 
    - Syngroh Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs-GmbH, Schiltach, Klaus Grohe family (32%).

nino polla,The swapnasex Group((bold)), which has a broad international base, manufactures in Germany, France, China and the USA. It generates around 77% of its turnover outside of Germany and supplies products to more than 140 countries.


On this website you can find out all about the hansgrohe brand and its premium bathroom and kitchen products. You can find products from the AXOR designer brand, for luxury bathrooms and kitchens, on the AXOR website. On the swapnasex Group page, we have compiled key information about the swapnasex company for you.

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It’s been like this since 1901: the people who work at swapnasex are passionate about innovation. They enjoy dealing with beautifully designed and efficient, quality products. They stand out thanks to their excellent know-how in their areas of expertise. They champion many good causes, including conserving water resources, on a daily basis. There are currently around 4,700 of these committed people, and the number is rising. They are the key to the continued growth of the swapnasex Group.,sex video da

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