Pontos Base, the water manager for your home.
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More safety at home


These two products ensure more water safety and reassurance at home. The Pontos Base and Pontos Scout act as one. The smart set is most reliable when it works as a dynamic duo – for the ultimate in safety.


The Pontos Base checks water pipes for leaks, automatically shuts off the water supply in the event of damage and informs you via push notifications on your smartphone. You can then override the water shut-off system on the Base itself or unblock it from the app. The device also generates statistics on water consumption and water temperature and provides information on water hardness. All data is displayed on the device’s screen. Double the safety: The Base also works in the event of a power cut as it has built-in batteries.


You can place the Pontos Scouts in all key areas of your house. The small water sensors sound the alarm if there is a threat of water damage, for example if the sink is leaking, there has been a flood, pipes have burst or a dormer window is open. They can notify you if the air humidity is too high or too low in the bathroom, children’s bedroom or pantry. No matter whether they are in the living room or the basement, Pontos Scouts can also reliably inform you if the room temperatures are too high or too low. If there are any irregularities, a push notification will be sent to your smartphone.

​​​​​​​Please note that Pontos products are currently only available in Germany and Austria